Since 2003, the Stabilisation Protection team works on projects whose difficult access requires the intervention of a company specialized in works on ropes (acrobatic works).

It is composed of 8 permanent staff and is reinforced by seasonal rope access technicians with whom we regularly work every year :

L’équipe de Stabilisation Protection

Management team :
Emmanuel GARDEIL, company manager
Matthieu DURAND, second company manager, works supervisors
Julie DEBYSER, chargée d’affaires, geotechnical engineer

Rope access technicians team :
Camille CINQUIN, rope access technician, foreman
Julie TROUILLOT, rope access technician
Robin CECCHINEL, rope access technician
Jory RAUL, rope access technician
Noémie LE CHATELIER, rope access technician

Seasonal rope access technicians team :
Bruno PLEINDOUX, rope access technician, High Mountain Guide
Frédéric GILQUIN, rope access technician
Jean FAURE, rope access technician, High Mountain Guide